Immaculate Heart of Mary follows the guidelines for Curriculum provided by the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington. Its standards meet or exceed the Common Core. Current IHM initiatives include:

  • My Math program in grades 1 to 8
  • McGraw Hill Treasures Reading series in grades pre-K to 5
  • Prentice Hall Literature Common Core Edition in grades 6 to 8
  • Lab Learner activities and experiments in Science classes

For more details on subject area curriculum contact the Main Office.

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Curriculum is built upon Catholic values and all learning is presented within the context of those values.

  • Art
  • Character Education
  • Cursive
  • English/Language Arts
  • Library Media Center
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Spanish
  • Spelling
  • Technology

School Media Center

IHM Media

The School Media Center is the hub of the school and a place of learning, discovering, and reading. During the students’ weekly visits, we develop students who are lifelong readers and effective users of informational technology. This is accomplished by teaching critical thinking, developing research skills and ensuring access to resources. The School Media Center’s curriculum supports and enriches core subjects taught throughout all grade levels.