Virginia Cyrus is our tuition administrator. For questions about FACTS or tuition assistance, please contact her at or

The Catholic Diocese of Wilmington offers tuition assistance through the Vision for the Future Education Trust Fund.  Each year through its Vision for the Future Education Fund, the Diocese offers tuition assistance to a number of families in need of help. The deadline to apply for assistance is usually in the beginning of March each year, and applicants are notified by mid-May.  Visit the Diocese website for more information

Catholic Diocese of Wilmington Tuition Assistance

Families with children registered in a parish, inter-parochial or diocesan school who believe they are in need of financial aid are encouraged to apply online with FACTS.  FACTS Management is an independent entity that provides private and faith-based schools with tuition management and financial aid solutions.  FACTS representatives are available to guide you through the application process and to answer your questions by calling .

FACTS Tuition Management

The dates to apply for the Aid are starting November 1 and must apply by January 31, 2023.