April/May: Prayer of Jesus (John 17:24)
Pray for the Living and the Dead- Pray for everyone
As we enter the month of April, we arrive at the days of glory – the passion, death,
and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In our Scripture reading for April-May, St. John
speaks of the glory of Jesus and His promise that we shall be with Him in glory. What
an amazing promise and gift we have received!
This promise to be with Jesus in glory unites us now and at the time of our death with
Him and with all of the living and dead. Our final Spiritual Work of Mercy for this
school year reminds us to pray for the living and the dead. Prayer keeps us
connected in spirit with those who have preceded us and live in glory as well as
those who accompany us on our journey to glory.
May we focus in the next two weeks on the Paschal Mystery so central to our faith.
As we join together at the sacred liturgies, let us hold our companions on the journey and our companions in
glory in our prayers.