Spot on! Who doesn’t want to be “spot on”! The dictionary describes spot on as “exactly correct”, and the Spot On award is for those students who are exactly correct with their behaviors when interacting with their peers. The fifth through eighth-grade students can nominate a classmate for the Spot On award of the week. The recognized behavior is then discussed in Health/Guidance class. The recent nominees included a classmate who holds the door each day while others enter the building after recess, a classmate who will wait in the hallway for you to catch up, so you do not have to walk alone, and a student who is always kind, friendly and inclusive with her classmates. Out of our 190 grade 5-8 students we have had ninety-one students recognized by their peers for positive behaviors. Congratulations to the spot on nominees, and most importantly congratulations to the students who took the time to recognize the positive behaviors of their peers. Watch for your child to come home with a Spot On sticker and an email indicating your child was a nominee. Good things are happening at IHM!
Mrs. Terry DeLorbe