September: Appearance on the Road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35)
Instruct the Ignorant – (Teach others about the Good News)
Last school year we focused on the Corporal Works of Mercy. They provided tangible ways for us to help our
students see the real needs of others. We provided food, clean water, clothing, and home repairs; we wrote
letters to those whom we could not visit; and we prayed for and with those who died. In so many different
ways we helped our students understand the call to serve.
Our diocesan theme for Catholic schools this year presents us with two invitations.
We have been invited to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ on our journey to
the reign of God. We meet the Lord through Word and Sacrament. We have also
been invited to accompany others on their journey and through them we come to
know the Lord in community and service.
Our focus on the Spiritual Works of Mercy will offer us seven ways to grow
individually and communally. These signposts provide guides to track our
progress on the journey. Our special prayer for the year is the Prayer of Saint
Francis of Assisi. We are encouraged to pray this prayer daily. The prayer
demonstrates that journeying with the Lord transforms us and our world in ways
that are countercultural to the secularism that surround us.
This year’s instructional focus is a bit more challenging – the Spiritual Works of
Mercy. Each one develops a particular attitude in the heart and mind of the student.
Perhaps even more so than last year, the best way for us to help our students
understand these acts of charity is to model them in our daily behaviors. By
watching our patience in teaching others, by seeing how we forgive those who hurt
us, and by becoming real listeners when others need someone on whom to lean, just to mention a few
examples, we shall engage our students in the Spiritual Works of Mercy.
This week, review the Spiritual Works of Mercy and think about ways your school will embody them as
Companions on the Journey.