The Catholic Diocese of Wilmington has a program focused on the continuous development of a safe environment in our communities.  A Volunteer Covenant form is required to be signed promising to strictly follow behavioral standards for the safety of our children.

Complete the required forms and return to the parish rectory

Volunteer Covenant

The Diocesan policy has changed for any parents, volunteers, coaches, or chaperones requiring a background check to be performed. Anyone in need of having a new background check performed, or having an expired one renewed (valid for five years), must come to the IHM Parish/Rectory office with a check for $30 made payable to IHM. At that time, you will obtain that necessary “Entry Code” that is needed in order to use the online application. In certain situations, there may be need to submit a paper background screening application. Please contact the IHM Parish/Rectory office at (302) 764.0357 with any questions.