The Diocesan theme for 2018-19 is Rejoice in the Lord.

“Rejoice in the Lord always, I shall say it again: rejoice!”

[Philippians 4:4]

Sixth Commandment – You shall not commit adultery.

Virtuous Action – loyal in friendships and relationships

Our focus on the sixth commandment is timed well for the month of February in which we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day and National Marriage Week. Both of these celebrations are reminders to us of the sanctity of friendships and relationships. Through friend-ships and relationships, we are called to holiness and to lead the other to the same. For the young people whom we serve, often they are not cognizant of the “work” involved in initiating, developing, and main-taining a friendship or relationship. While the initiating phase may be exciting and inviting, the latter phas-es require continued attention to presence and communication. Being present for the other, listening, shar-ing, and discussing demand time and energy, but it is only in this way friendships and relationships are lasting. This week, think of one friendship or relationship that requires some attention. How can you en-hance or invigorate the connection that may have gone flat? Then, decide what to do and do it!

From the Diocese of Wilmington Principal’s Notes