AM Drop-Off


Morning Drop-off Procedure:

Please share the following procedure with anyone involved with drop-off

1.       Children are to be dropped off between 7:20 AM and 7:45 AM.  Prior to 7:20 AM there is NO SUPERVISION available.

2.      Enter the parking lot via Weldin Road, form two lines, and follow the path of the cones (see map).  As you approach the gym form one line.  Do not stop until the car line stops; the line stops when the first car reaches the wall by the Pre-K.  When the line stops all children, including Pre-K and Kindergarten students, need to exit from the passenger side of the car.  This assures that children are not walking between cars.  Do not allow the children to exit the car before the gym doors.

3.      All drivers must go through the car line.  Please do not park and walk your children to the playground.  Trying to cross the car line causes it to slow down.

4.      Faculty members are on duty along the car line.  Do not hesitate to ask someone for assistance.

5.      If you have four or more children in your morning carpool, you may wish to use the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) line.  New signs have been made for the coming school year.  Please discard any previous signs.  If you will need a sign for your car window fill in the form under September Forms.  If you are a former user but no longer have four or more children to drop off, please begin to use the usual procedure through the parking lot.

6.      Parents of Pre-Kindergarten children should display the Pre-K sign that you will receive from the teachers in the passenger side window to alert the staff that assistance may be needed.


PM Dismissal


Afternoon Dismissal Procedure:

Please share the following procedure with anyone involved in dismissal.

For the safety of the children, please park and turn off your car and do not start it until it is close to your turn to leave.  Please be sure to keep younger children with you at all times.  Do not take younger children to the playground.

1.       Enter the parking lot via Weldin Road.  Form two lines either by the gym door or along the soccer field.  Do not enter the parking area until at least 2:30 PM after the cones have been moved on full days or 11:40 AM on shortened days.

2.      From the soccer field line, please fill in the parking spaces from the soccer field toward the school.  From the gym door line, please fill in the parking spaces from the school toward the soccer field.  Please fill in all spaces.

3.      Once you have found your child(ren), return to your car immediately.  This is not the appropriate time for a parent to stop a teacher for a parent/teacher conference.  

4.      One bell will ring to alert you that exiting the parking area will begin within two minutes.

5.      The faculty member on duty by the playground will direct you when it is time for you to exit.  Proceed down the driveway (School Lane) to the crossing guard at Shipley Road.  Do not exit via Weldin Road at any time, as drivers coming in are not expecting to meet an exiting car.  This could lead to an accident.