About Us

IHM Santa Maria Council 195 Knights of Columbus

Santa Maria Council #195 was the first council formed in Delaware.  Named in the honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Santa Maria Council was chartered on December 13, 1896 by the Supreme Council in New Haven, Connecticut.


Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism – these are the cornerstones of the Knights of Columbus.  Our local Council, IHM Santa Maria council 195, offers the opportunity for each Catholic gentleman 18 years or older to contribute in their own way to these cornerstones.  We are an integral part of the fabric of the IHM parish community, and our knights are proudly involved in all aspects of that fabric.  You will find us involved in the parish council, Eucharistic Ministers, ushers, various social ministry programs, the school, the choir, the musicians, school athletic programs, pro-life activities as well as the many community outreach programs that we lead such as Ronald McDonald House dinner, campaign to support people with intellectual disabilities, Kids Helping Kids to supply coats and school supplies for those who are in need in the inner city.  We believe in Family and organize bowling, hayrides at Halloween, Family Christmas party, memorial Mass for deceased Knights, wives appreciation dinner, and participate in the Knights annual family picnic.

Becoming a Knight

We would like you to become a Knight of Columbus so that you can proudly proclaim that you are an IHM Santa Maria Knight as you get involved with any of these programs or any Church or school program to which you donate you time and effort.

Here are a couple of questions which may be on your mind:

Q: How much are the dues? A: $25 per year to stay in good standing.

Q: How often do you meet? A: Twice a month the 2nd and 4th Wed at 7:30 in the IHM rectory.  Meetings usually last 1 to 1.5 hours.

Q: Am I required to attend? A: There is no requirement.  The 1st meeting of the month is for business and event planning purposes.  The 2nd meeting is primarily social or for special programs.  Come when you can.

Q: What are the Degrees I hear about? A: There are 4 Degrees.  1st represents Charity, 2nd – Unity, 3rd – Fraternity, 4th – Patriotism. You can advance as you wish.  There is no cost for advancement, only your desire.

Q: How can I find out what is happening in the Council? A: The Council has a website (www.ihm.org/kofc) which has all that is occurring within the Council.  The Council officers also routinely communicate via e-mail upcoming events, needs for the program help, or important Council news.

Council Officers (2019-2020)

Grand KnightEd Russ
ChaplinFr. William Melnick
Deputy Grand KnightVince Grillo
ChancellorTony Cascio
TreasurerRich Raffaelli
AdvocateJon Gatta
RecorderJoe Malkoski
WardenJoe Buono
Inside GuardJames Conte
Outside GuardTom Anderson
Trustee 3-YearLou LoBosco
Trustee 2-YearRick Gadbois
Trustee 1-YearBob Williams
Financial SecretaryEd Connolly

Grand Knight History

YearGrand Knight
-2019 Ed Russ
2017-2019 Paul Hopkins
2015-2017Louis LoBosco
2012-2015Edward J. Connolly
2011-2012Paul Dorsey
2009-2011George J. Schrimpf
2007-2009Michael J. Carroll
2005-2007Jon J. Gatta
2003-2005Harry J. Mooney
2001-2003George J. Stockburger
2000-2001Leroy G. Millsap
1998-2000Francis X. Basler
1996-1998Charles J. McClane
1993-1996David J. Morrison
1991-1993Frank J. DiMartino*
1988-1991Francis X. Dougherty
1986-1988Clarence J. Stewart
1985-1986John A. Terry
1983-1985Andrew T. Morrison Jr.
1982-1983Frank J. DiMartino
1980-1982John Zewecke
1979-1980Joseph Wilson
1978-1979Robert Kanick
1977-1978Martin J. Dugan
1976-1977Robert K. Churchill
1975-1976Andrew T. Morrison
1973-1975John B. Tucker
1972-1973Robert J. Sporay
1970-1972Leonard W. Barry
1968-1970James W. Mischler
1966-1968Francis I. Connor
1965-1966James A. Teoli*
1964-1965Gerald G.J. Sporay
1963-1964William T. Cox
1961-1963Eugene I. Toy III
1961-1961Joseph R. Danz
1960-1961S. Ralph Nordone
1957-1960Charles A. Glenn Jr.
1955-1957Francis A. Brady
1954-1955Peter A. DeLuca
1952-1954Joseph C. Cann
1951-1952James A. Teoli
1949-1951William J. Lynch
1948-1949Francis X. Regan
1947-1948Eugene Casey
1946-1947John Gibney
1944-1946Thomas Lawless
1943-1944James Doherty
1938-1943J. Len Murphy
1934-1938Martin Lawless
1933-1934John Grant
1932-1933John J. Haley
1931-1932Francis McCann
1929-1931Herman Gossen
1928-1929Neil O’Connell
1926-1928George K. Hanley
1924-1926Simon P. Doherty
1923-1924Herbert Kaighn
1922-1923Edward Melia
1922-1922James Hoey
1921-1922Peter J. Ford*
1920-1921William F. Lynn
1919-1920J. Alfred Spragg
1918-1919Eugene I. Toy
1917-1918William J. Hanley
1916-1917William A. Hannigan
1915-1916James B. Gibney
1913-1915Leo M. Montgomery
1911-1913William J. Harrigan
1909-1911Peter A. Horty
1907-1909Harry T. Graham
1905-1907Martin F. Farry
1904-1905George A. Messick
1902-1904Matthew D. Murphy
1900-1902Mark I. McKenna
1898-1900John T. McCracken
1896-1898Peter J. Ford

*Denotes 2nd term as Grand KnightMission


Newspaper article on Gene Toy (past grand knight) with his father and grandfather from 1958.